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Source:Leigh Spusta

Achieve the peaceful bliss of a zen monk, meditate or relax with ease, listen...

Introducing the PsimatiX "Alpha Brainwave Audio Suite" by Leigh Spusta - Compiled specifically into a mobile app to assist the listener in achieving the alpha state quickly and easily at any time, anywhere. By combining the PsimatiX proprietary Brainwave Audio Entrainment Technology with rich, expansive entrancing soundscapes, you are sure to unlock your inner monk and experience zen-like bliss ...

This Compilation has been hand-picked from the albums "Distant Images" and "Mystic Ascension" as well as single tracks, that have been specifically engineered and composed to bring the listener into the beneficial alpha brainwave state. By choosing your intention before listening, these tracks bend to the pursuit in mind, such as self-hypnosis, meditation, increased focus, relaxing and de-stressing, shifted perspective, creativity, spiritual practice, and expanded consciousness. Breathing deeply and slowly will enhance the state and you will achieve results more quickly. Targets an alpha brainwave state utilizing PsimatiX™ proprietary audio technology. Do not use while driving or operating machinery. This app streams via 3G or wifi connection.

Leigh Spusta is a behavioral scientist, hypnotherapist, and Certified Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator specializing in the use of sound frequencies to produce deep, relaxing trance states. He has worked with several therapists in Los Angeles, producing a variety of therapeutic audio cds. Leigh combines his talents as a musician and his knowledge of hypnosis and related states, in an effort to pioneer new approaches in creating rich, resonant sound-scapes for greater efficacy in healing and meditative products. Leigh is the developer of the proprietary PsimatiX™ therapeutic approaches and technologies in sound therapy and healing music programs.

Brainwave Entrainment / Binaural Beats / Isochronic Tones / Monaural Beats / Vibro-acoustics / Hemispheric Synchronization / Alpha State / Theta State / Delta State / Relaxation / Hypnosis / Hypnotic Music / Meditation / Stress Reduction / Tension Release / Chakra Alignment - Attunement - Balancing / Harmony / Schumann Resonance / Frequency / Mind Audio / Trance / Healing / Therapy

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